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Mr. B’s Pizza and Wings

February 10, 2012

Bowling Green is full of sports bars.  It seems that every time a new business opens up, it is either a mattress store, a sonic, or a sports bar.  Well, the latest sports bar is Mr. B’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I will probably eat there again, but it just doesn’t really have a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out.  When I think sports bar, I think of double dogs or Overtime.  They have large Tv’s and wings.  Not to mention a cool atmosphere and the gimmick of the dog bowls at double dogs, or Overtime’s enclosed porch for Corn-hole.  Mr. B’s does not have these things.  The food is solid but not spectacular.  The atmosphere is not unique, and for a sports BAR the alcohol selection is lacking.

Mr. B’s is not without it’s positives.  The pizza is good, reminiscent of a less greasy pizza hut.  The cheesy bread was the best I’ve ever had.  The wings however, leave much to be desired.  I think if I were to open a restaurant and call it “Bowling Green Big Mouth’s Pizza and WINGS”, I would go to the trouble of having wings worthy of naming my restaurant after.  The wings have good flavor, but they are tiny.  I was expecting more from a place named for wings.

Overall I would give Mr. B’s 3 out of 5 stars.  The food is solid, good to eat and I will probably go again.  There is just not that special something that makes me want to go there instead of one of the plethora of other sports bars in town.


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Home Restaurant and Cafe

January 24, 2012

I have been wanting to try Home Restaurant and Cafe for several weeks.  Since I heard they do everything locally sourced and completely homemade I have been intrigued.

When I tried it this weekend with some friends, I was not disappointed.  The extra effort put into using local sources really paid off.  The first thing I noticed about my food was that it was just fresher tasting than any other restaurant in town.  Especially the bread, which is literally made from scratch only a few hours before you order it.  The Bulgogi Cheese Steak I ordered came on a french roll that was so soft I could swear it was made only minutes before.

The Bulgogi meat was also wonderfully fresh and delicious.  What is Bulgogi cheesesteak, you might ask.  Well it is a Korean way of preparing meat that involves marinating the meat for hours in a special sauce to improve flavor and tenderness.
My wife ordered the pasta salad, which she reports is the best she ever had.  She said, “unlike some places that overuse mayonaise, this one is just right.”  The pizza also looked very appetizing on home made crust.  For dessert I tried the homemade chocolate pudding which was incredibly rich.

The only problem is, it is small.  We took a group of six and took up most of the restaurant.  I hope that in the future, Home prospers enough in Bowling Green to move to a larger location.

Overall I give Home 4 out of 5 stars.  The food is excellent and as fresh as is possible.  However, I like to take groups to eat and I feel like my small group of six was a burden on the restaurant due to the small size.

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Lost River Pizza Company

December 29, 2011

If I could use one word to sum up my experience at Lost River Pizza Company it would be, “meh.”  There was nothing outstandingly good, or outstandingly bad about my meal.  From the moment I walked in, I had really high hopes.  The atmosphere is fantastic.  It is a really high end pizza restaurant that is great for families, college students and everyone else.  The problem is, the food just did not measure up to what they created atmosphere wise.  I went with 3 of my friends and tried a couple of things.  First we tried several varieties of wings: Bourbon sauce, Sweet Chili, and Regular.  The wings were large and had lots of meat but the sauces all seemed to lack something. Then there were the Calzones.  I definitely wish I had ordered something else.  The crust was just bland, they could have used more herbs and butter.

To be fair it is a pizza place and we did not order pizza.  I will be going back at some point to try the pizza, especially since they served gluten free pizza which is good news for those of you with or, as is my case, with friends who have gluten allergies.  Another high point for those of you who are interested in alcoholic beverages.  Lost River Pizza Company had the largest selection I have ever seen at any restaurant, bar none.

For my first try at this restaurant I would give 2 out of 5 stars.  The atmosphere is wonderful the food was just a little bland and didn’t live up to all I had hoped.

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Restaurant is located next to the Kroger on Nashville Road.
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