Well, I have been doing this long enough now that I think I know kind of what I’m doing, so now that I have an idea I will fill you in.

How it got started.


As far back as I can remember, we would make long trips with friends to go eat at different restaurants.  Even to this day, my parents, once every couple of years pile in with all of their friends and make the trek to Sikeston, Missouri, to eat at Lambert’s Cafe.  Many people upon hearing this fact will say, “You drove two and a half hours one way just to eat lunch?”  To which the standard reply has always been, “No, we spent five hours hanging out with our friends and had lunch in the middle.”

As I got older and moved to college, I met friends from different parts of the state.  They took me to their part of the state and showed me their favorite restaurants.  When I met my wife one of the things we would do on dates would be to go on road trips to different historical destinations and eat at local restaurants along the way.  I have been many places and have eaten at good places everywhere I have been.

I decided to write this blog because my friends often ask for recommendations.  They want to know if I’ve heard of a good place to eat where they are traveling.


When I was in high school I was a peer tutor in an exceptional needs classroom.  One of the students had a goal to be able to cook for himself.  The teacher must have had a sense of humor because she gave me the task of helping him.  Neither one of us knew a colander from a frying pan at the time.  That year we messed up so many recipes that it became the running joke that together we could figure out how to burn water.  I thought it was incredibly fun though.

Then one day as I was at the supermarket with my mom, I saw a boxed red velvet cake.  I quickly developed a craving for it and asked Mom if she would make it for me.  My mom was not into cooking but liked red velvet cake.  She bought the box with the groceries and told me if I wanted it I would have to make it, knowing full well she could eat as much of it as she wanted if it turned out right.

It turned out right and from then on I was cooking.  Not because I enjoyed cooking but because I enjoyed eating.

Why write a blog?

Well, mainly because my Facebook friends got tired of reading it in my status posts.  One day one of my friends said to me, you know you eat all of these places and make all of these foods.  You should write a blog sharing your recipes and restaurant reviews.  I figured nobody would read them, but heck, why not it will be an easy way to keep up with my recipes so that I won’t lose them.  But here we are a month and 500 page views later, at the time of this first draft.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say here and are able to put it to use.


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