Mr. B’s Pizza and Wings

Bowling Green is full of sports bars.  It seems that every time a new business opens up, it is either a mattress store, a sonic, or a sports bar.  Well, the latest sports bar is Mr. B’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I will probably eat there again, but it just doesn’t really have a distinguishing feature that makes it stand out.  When I think sports bar, I think of double dogs or Overtime.  They have large Tv’s and wings.  Not to mention a cool atmosphere and the gimmick of the dog bowls at double dogs, or Overtime’s enclosed porch for Corn-hole.  Mr. B’s does not have these things.  The food is solid but not spectacular.  The atmosphere is not unique, and for a sports BAR the alcohol selection is lacking.

Mr. B’s is not without it’s positives.  The pizza is good, reminiscent of a less greasy pizza hut.  The cheesy bread was the best I’ve ever had.  The wings however, leave much to be desired.  I think if I were to open a restaurant and call it “Bowling Green Big Mouth’s Pizza and WINGS”, I would go to the trouble of having wings worthy of naming my restaurant after.  The wings have good flavor, but they are tiny.  I was expecting more from a place named for wings.

Overall I would give Mr. B’s 3 out of 5 stars.  The food is solid, good to eat and I will probably go again.  There is just not that special something that makes me want to go there instead of one of the plethora of other sports bars in town.


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2 Comments on “Mr. B’s Pizza and Wings”

  1. shannon Says:

    Not enough or big TV’s? really? 140 inch HD when you walk in the door along with 21 others throughout. We are the only place you named that uses a fresh, never frozen wings. That is why the flavor is much better than others. Small, maybe. Wings are bought by the weight and that is why you can get 50 for just over $20 compared to no telling how much at other place. We don’t claim to be a bar. We have a full liquor lic., but we cater more to families and people not wanting to be around power drinkers as they enjoy a game and good food (that is why we don’t even have a bar in the restaurant). We do have a cool game room for kids to enjoy while mom and dad watch the Cats and Hilltoppers kick a little butt. You had mostly positive comments in your review. So I am confused why you chose “didn’t like”.

    • BGBigmouth Says:

      I’m sorry as to the confusion over the like/dislike on Urbanspoon. I was on my mobile phone and didn’t realize I had hit the wrong button. I meant to hit like and have since corrected that.

      However, I stand by my opinion that in a town with, Double Dogs, Overtime, Bikini Bottoms, Buffalo Wild Wings, and several other competing establishments, this one just isn’t my favorite.

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